there are in the woods

by MBKuhl

there are in the woods what i wanted
when i wanted you
when wanting was open, brutal,
would crumble like bark
and the shaky, shallow din
unforgiving, matted down black,
squished with moss, garrulous
there are in the woods what i heard
when i heard you
when you spoke, shouted,
and speaking was closed, chipped,
would trickle helplessly cut off
and clogged with leaves,
hardly enough for a sip, a naked,
quivering drop after drop,
and chilling hidden deep
in the ground one breath after another
there are in your eyes what i saw
when i was seeing you; a speckled ground,
patchy, lush, lovely and sounding
with a caw or a scratch or a
rush of leaves and brush
more than enough
shaking and shivering for two